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Phase II: Storm Expected to Have Impact on Our Area 1-2 Days Out

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  • Property Managers will continue to send email blasts with updates.
  • Updating our websites and phones as changes occur.
  • The safety of our employees is important to Sweyer Property Management.  We will be mindful of those needing to evacuate and will continue to operate during normal business hours as long as possible.  We encourage our staff to stay connected and help coordinate remotely when necessary.
  • If evacuating the property, turn your ice-maker OFF and empty all ice. Empty your refrigerator, unplug and leave the doors open. The thawed ice will leak out and cause water damage to the property and rotten food will be quite unpleasant.

  • Secure ALL outside property that could be blown away or become a projectile. Bikes, patio furniture, plants and trash receptacles should be secured. We recommend you bring EVERYTHING inside from your patio/porch areas.

  • DO NOT tape or board windows. This can cause damage to the windows and/or siding.

  • Confirm that you have all items needed (food, water, medication, etc.) for a 3-5 day period if you plan to stay at the property.

  • Damage to property: Should you experience damage such as a roof leak or any other type of water intrusion, please control as much water as possible by placing a bucket under a roof leak and towels down by doors/windows.

  • If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

  • Area-wide power outages may be extensive and should be reported directly to your utility provider. If there is a tree down on a power line, please report it to your property manager immediately through your tenant portal so that we can schedule tree removal.


  • Continue to stay safe and actively prepare for before, during and after the storm.


  • At this time, we will need you to review your insurance policy, have information available and be ready to contact your insurance company should there be damage to your investment property for which a claim will need to be filed. Should there be damage to your investment property it will be imperative that you file a claim as soon as you are notified by our team.

  • Continue to look at emails for updates sent by your Property Manager or by Sweyer Property Management.

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