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Phase IV: Clean-Up and Repairs

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Once we establish that everyone is safe and travel is permitted, we will begin the process of inspecting homes and connecting with owners and tenants.  Please understand that these initial communications and inspections will most likely take days or up to a week.
  • Please be aware that we may not be available for a period of time after the storm, depending on the severity/road conditions, etc. and will communicate (primarily via email) when electricity/internet is restored to our area.
  • To keep phone lines open for emergencies, please only communicate via email with us during this time.
  • Our first priority will be to check for any property damage beginning in the most heavily-impacted areas.
  • We will update Owners about the condition of their properties as soon as possible. 
  • One of the most important items we will be handling immediately after the storm will be emergency tree removal and roof tarping in order to mitigate further damage to your property.  Should a tree penetrate a property, we will have it removed immediately and tarp any affected areas.  We will also tarp roofs if the tenant reports any interior water intrusion from shingle loss.  Owners who have someone lined up to visit the property and perform this service should immediately advise their property manager via email.

​WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please report all storm damage as soon as possible and be as specific as possible. It is imperative you report all damage, regardless of severity, so we can notify owners, contact insurance companies if needed and expedite the repair process. The most efficient way to do this is through your tenant portal and including pictures in your report is most helpful. If you do not have access to your tenant portal, please email any damage reports and photos directly to your property manager. 

Debris Cleanup: Please check with your trash service company and/or local government regarding debris pickup. Tenants are responsible for basic cleanup of debris to include raking leaves, picking up limbs and other trash items, and, if pickup service is provided, placing piles at the curb for pickup. If larger trees and/or limbs have fallen, please report these items to your property manager. 

When reporting damage, please be as specific as possible and include the following information:

  • Property Address, Tenant Name, Photos

  • If there are trees on the home, fencing or on the ground and/or leaning 

  • Roofing problems, shingles missing

  • Interior damage, leaks and/or flooding, any water intrusion

  • Siding missing and/or any other exterior damage

  • Fencing damage

  • Water spots on ceiling or walls

  • Damaged or missing screens

  • Broken windows

  • Any other storm-related damage to property

Also, Please Note: 

  • Power outages may be extensive, but please call your local utility provider directly for updates on your specific property.

  • If you evacuated, please contact your property manager via email upon your return.

  • Take whatever action possible to mitigate damages to the property until it can be addressed professionally. 


  • Continue to look at emails for updates sent by your Property Manager or by Sweyer Property Management.

  • Owners who have someone lined up to visit the property and perform any service should immediately advise their property manager via email.

  • Should the property incur significant storm damage, we will advise you as quickly as possible if we will be able to assist in repairs.  However, in instances where damage is extreme, you may be required to handle repairs directly. 

  • If we've contacted you about damages, you will need to immediately contact your insurance provider to file a claim.



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