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During this emotional time after evacuating from extreme weather, we want to remind you to exercise caution when returning back to your home and community. 

When returning home be mindful of the large amount of emergency crews that are responding to the affected areas. Please try to stay out of their way and be as patient as possible with the inconvenience of them taking over roadways while doing their work. 

Only return to your home when authorities indicate it is safe.  Watch out for debris and downed power lines and avoid walking or driving through flood waters.  Flood waters may be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines and may hide dangerous debris or places where the ground is washed away.

Tenants, we ask that you photograph any damaged property and submit a work order request asap. Also, safely do what you can to prevent further damage to the property.

Owners, immediately contact your insurance company and file a property claim.  Tenants, if you have renters insurance you should also immediately contact your insurance company to file a personal property claim.

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